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idea. in my school in wilmington, north carolina they had a parrot head class. >> springsteen, because the teacher says that springsteen refers more often to stories of the hebrew bible, old testament
and the southern oral history program at the university of north carolina chapel hill. in this interview we hear from marilyn hildreth who was eight years old when they infiltrated
? >> it is the only bathroom. >> it's monday morning and we're in charlotte, north carolina, following a pair of house flippers. >> do you know anything on the electrical or plumbing? >> i don't think it has been updated. >> two women who have been in real estate for decades looking for their next big score. but this property looks like a homebuyer's nightmare. 1100 square feet of hidden horrors. >> i saw from the exterior the windows would probably have to be replaced. >> there is is a good bit of wood rot. >> wood rot, warped floors, a dated bathroom and a special surprise in the master closet. >> and a surprise in the master closet. >> i don't think this is just kind of put paint on it and fix it up. this is a major redo. >> with the housing market improving since the crash of 2008, home flippers like kim and maria are taking advantage of the turn around. >> taking the house and making it pretty? >> what did you think of this one? >> well, it's a lot of work. >> there are some red flags with this one. >> but it would be a great property to flip. >> flips in north carolina are up 14% in the last yea
, which is to be tough and want to win and winning is its own justification. so the north carolina boy clutching a bible is a man named dean tries who is the son of a fire and brimstone teacher in north carolina and his family farmed tobacco for generations and he grew up with the ambition to be an entrepreneur and his heroes were people like andrew carnegie and henry ford and they were older americans and he has a deep-rooted myths in our history, which is very evident when you travel to the piedmont region of the carolinas. but he traded a chain of truck stops between north carolina and virginia with fast food restaurants and all the while, the countryside was collapsing around him. wal-mart and multinational companies were making it impossible for him to compete and meanwhile tobacco was dying as an industry and so was textiles from the other mainstay of life. by the time he tried to make this goal as an entrepreneur, rural south was beginning to look a lot like our cities with rampant drug abuse and multi-generations on public assistance and unemployment and despair settle in. dean
shepard smith. we're monitoring a volatile situation at the time north carolina central university, a university in durham, north carolina, where the school's twitter site sent a message reading the nccu -- north cared central university campus is on lockdown. please stay away from all windows and doors. there's a possible active shooter on campus. there's been a lot of excitement on that campus over the last 24 hours. they had a huge win in basketball at nc state, cross-region rivals, and the campus was all abuzz. today there is the word of a possibility of a shooter on campus. it's frustrating not having anymore information. in in fact here is what we are getting on the twitter. they're been sending them out for the past 25 minutes should we get anything more on it i will bring you that information right away. >> first at 3:00, historic day on capitol hill. the u.s. senate voted to change the long-standing rule when it comes to presidential nominees. in essence, most democrats voted to stop republicans from block most of president obama's nominations with filibusters. here are th
purpose does the gentleman from north carolina seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move that the house suspend the rules and pass h.r. 2871 to amend title 28 united states code and modify the composition of the southern judicial district of mississippi to improve judicial efficiency and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 185, h.r. 2871, a bill to amend title 28 united states code to modify the composition of the southern judicial district of mississippi to improve judicial efficiency and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from north carolina, mr. holding, and the gentleman from north carolina, mr. watt, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from north carolina, mr. holding. mr. holding: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous remarks on h.r. 2871, currently under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. holding: i yield m
will talk to north carolina governor at the center of a voting rights fight in his state. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, november 20th. this is "the daily rundown." the latest on the tragic situation in virginia and congressman tray radell. let's get to the first read of the morning. we will begin with the conflict in afghanistan. something that too often gets glossed over while we are focused on what's going on in the beltway. the president made ending the war one of the corner stones of his campaign. >> by 2014, this process will be complete and the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is required for our national security. >> we blunted the taliban's momentum in afghanistan and in 2014, our longest war will be over. >> despite that, the new status agreement the 2015 withdrawal. according to a copy obtained by nbc news, an agreement that should be entered into will remain in force at the end of 2024 and could be renewed long err. they insist that the combat will end next year. forces will
. the republican voter in north carolina was on today on msnbc, chuck asked him about the law he signed to dramatically roll back voting lines in north carolina, much the same that ohio moved toward today. when chuck asked governor mccrory why he and other people of north carolina voted to cut several days out of early voting in north carolina, the governor responded by saying you know, they're not cutting early voting. really, he says they were compacting the calendar. compacting the calendar. try that on your boss the next time your late. hey, i'm not late, i'm just compacting the work day, in north carolina, they're compacting several days on the number of days in which you can early vote. they're just making it more compressed. it is a denser calendar. you want to see a magic duck appear on my desk? look, the magic duck, i compacted duck season this year so it fit on my desk, bang. it is just amazing, but you know what, it also feels like deja vu, in the republican party in the states, around washington, it is deja news. and the abortion bill that just failed by ten points, they wan
be welcome news for scott shaw in denton, north carolina, who's been making regular trips to the cemetery for 13 months now mourning his mother. >> we could take the dying, but the suffering was beyond what we could take. >> reporter: she was a vibrant 77-year-old until she took tainted steroid injections compounded by n.e.c.c. for a bulging disk in her back and contracted fungal meningitis. she died a cruel death, plagued by crippling headaches and excruciating sensitivity to light. >> it was literally a war going on within her body. she had a fungus that was growing that was taking her over and the most powerful drugs we had trying to hold it back. >> reporter: shaw was one of 64 people to die from contaminated drugs compounded by n.e.c.c. 687 others were sickened. one year after the company shut down, owners barry cadden and greg conigliaro are still free, living in their large homes outside boston. n.e.c.c. has filed for bankruptcy, but lawyers for the victims say in the year prior to the filing the owners transferred more than $16 million to their personal accounts. michael sullivan
. >> a look now at the cost of higher education. heads of universities in inyland, north carolina meet capitol hill to talk about higher education at lower cost. lawmakers are considering changes to the higher education act which is said to expire at year's end. two hours.ut >> today is the second in our series to examine post secondary education. discuss is ofill interest to policymakers -- that is innovation in higher education. we have spent time in this committee discussing the role of innovation, but much of that was focused on college affordability. while that is of paramount importance, we would like to thed this hearing examining landscape of innovations in higher education that increase student learning, engagement, and degree completion. if our nation is going to , we needore students to do more to ensure students are persisting towards and obtaining quality degrees. what can colleges and universities do to maximize learning and support? to ensure students are getting through on time, or faster and earning a meaningful credential. today's panel explores efforts and progress at the in
the weather down. >> i'm from north carolina, so i'm definitely not used to this type of weather. >> it's smart to leave early but drive slowly. new york's area, albany, also finding snow. just a dusting when this pictures were taken. but it promises to be messy there, rain, sleet in the forecast. >> it could be tough around pittsburgh today, with rain and snow, keeping the roads pretty slick there. there were accidents all over major highways as drivers tried to get home just as the storm hit. >> indra petersons is tracking this for us. but first, if you're planning to go anywhere east of the mississippi today. be prepared to wait. and wait and wait. so this storm is hitting some of the nation's biggest cities and biggest airline hubs. and that means big delays for millions of travelers. but we're hoping there are no cancellations. renee marsh is live at reagan international airport. what can you tell us, renee? >> reporter: let's call this the calm before the storm. you can see people are showing up to arrive only first flights here at reagan international. of course, at is this point
himself picked the witnesses we'll hear from. five residents of north carolina. the hearing is happening in our area, because we have seen some of the highest increases in premiums in the country. >> i will not have it accused of being a partisan hearing. >> i think if it's a true hearing, then all sides should be heard. and they don't want to hear us. >> just remember, they have a playbook to destroy something that is going to save lives. >> i object. the gentleman -- >> you can't handle the truth. >> i am going to hear you, help you. >> the aca offers her insurance she can afford for the first time in years. >> how the hell do you win that argument? you lie to the people. >> the gentleman is repeatedly disparaging and mischaracterizing. and i'm being a little facetious. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. it has been another week of lies, hasn't it? but now they're manufacturing them. let's say that you run a company, and you've got something really big that's going to be coming out here pretty soon, and you want to make sure that he have been gets it right
that disclosed tim a north carolina man received a south carolina cabana the eligibility. gerri: in washington is the same state. [laughter] your information is not safe such you really want to use it? >> flying down to the president. >> she knows that he is that travel in the louisiana and she is running next year. then every major social issue advanced in a bipartisan way except obamacare this was the signature of the democratic majority with the catastrophe they have too old at what them to see that runaway. gerri: date sapir said the chief technology officer for the what will they learn? iraq fifth security testing. there have been concerns about the security of the web site. there is some indication as they do there was a problem of at the lunch were their security concerns? why did you go ahead? the web site may be fixed but that is a lasting judgment call. gerri: as a you say not only did they know a bunch of people would lose their coverage but they also do there was security problems? >> the administration and said they'd never did end to end testing and last week it seemed fine in th
shield of north carolina says it's ending their policy, offering them a new one meeting the criteria. the price tag $1,500. >> naturally i don't get angry, when i do, you know it. >> greg expected an increase. but not that much. >> out of blue, a letter saying your premiums would almost double was a shock. >> one reason - the message coming out of the white house. >> if you like your doctor. you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep four health care plan. >> the vast majority are covered through work, 15 million americans are like greg and aneata, purchasing insurance on their own. 85% of those policies are not compatible with the health law. insurers are mailing out millions of letters to customers, informing them that policies are being adjusted or descontinued. >> it was a punch in the symptom ag. >> in north carolina, 1,000 customers are getting letters and facing price hikes - especially in rural areas where fewer insurers competing can spell higher prices. new regulations can drive up costs. the new health law requires everyon
from north carolina when the pilot announced the plane was going down and people panicked and reached for cell phones when the plane nose diveed. >> that is what everyone thought, we were all going to die. you could have handled it differently. >> the flight was if tampa to north carolina and after the plane plummeted and leveled it made a safe landing at raleigh. there was a maintenance issue that may have involved cabin pressure but it was resolved when it descended to 25,000'. can you imagine? >> i cannot imagine a pilot saying that. >> here is mike. >> you can see the golden gate bridge and see how fog it is with temperatures cooler than average and we back in the 60's if most neighbors. as far as what will happen, you can see around the state today we are looking at a lot of high clouds. there is no rain. temperatures are going to run in the middle 70's through the central valley. tahoe is 59, warmer-than-average and 77 in san diego and 88 in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> on the golden gate bridge wrapping up with a few trucks picking up the coaches. we have a rot
, a fantastic trumpeter, dean smith the legendary basketball coach at the university of north carolina, gloria steinum someone who grow up in the women's rights movement of the late 60s and early 70s. ct vivian, patricia wald, and oprah winfrey rounds out the list. >> mike viqueira thank you very much. ernie banks to oprah winfrey. mike thank you. >>> elsewhere talks aimed attening the standoff over iran's nuclear program resumed in geneva. there is optimism that the world powers may be able to reach a deal with iran sometimes this week. this is the third meeting of the p5-plus-1. any thoughts that this time they might be closer to a deal? obviously we're having problems with phil ittner's live shot coming out of switzerland. we'll try to reestablish that communication shortly. the pentagon has been under fire for how it handles sexual assaults, and today the senate begins a measure that could change how those cases can handled. >> what is at stake dell is whether or not the military should have per view over sexual assault cases. kristin gillibrand wants to get it out of the hands of the comm
on highways. the one spot that may be a little bit hairy is in north carolina. i spoke to the department of transportation there, and they are saying there is slick highways, so if you are traveling in north carolina you may want to take care there. about 39 million americans are going to be hitting the highways over the thanks giving holiday within, and it's a little bit less expensive this year to travel than it was last year, gas prices on average about $3.27 a gallon. last year about $3.43 a gallon. the one thing you mighting want to keep in mind is a lot of state police are stepping up patrols over the next few days, so take care when you are driving. dell? >> diane thank you very much. >>> if you were planning to take to the skies this holiday season, the orange dots represent flights that are taking off and landing as we speak. so if you are getting ready to fly, it would be a good thing to check ahead dave warren have we now seen the worst of this storm? >> we are seeing the worst now. if you don't like the cold weather ready for that. a lot of warm air has moved up with this st
grandfather a runway north carolina slave. through living in virginia and provided her with the opportunity to go to the library of congress, and the national archives in washington, d.c. and during the past ten years, she collected -- who participation in the civil war had been forgotten by historians. and there's quite a story to that, because chef told they didn't exist. and so she showed them what -- what a lot of research could do. in addition to her first book, she's written four non-fiction books. a book of 150 memoirs from bennett college was also put together from the women alumnae in north carolina. we are pleased to have her husband, edward moss here, they have been married for 61 years. wow. that's great. [applause] and they are parents of daughter brenda and sonar rick. and wound of their grandsons is here tonight. that is matt green. and without further ado, i would like to present you to dr. with a -- wan et a patience. [applause] [applause] [laughter] that's a wonderful introdpux. thank you, everyone, for coming tonight. and thank you, especially for allowing me to share my
, hundreds of family and friends gathered in asheville, north carolina, to celebrate his birthday and his legacy. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: the reverend billy graham celebrated his 95th birthday in familiar places thursday, both in his home state of north carolina and at the center of attention. >> happy birthday, billy graham. we love you. we respect you. and we thank you, all of us, from the bottom of our hearts. >> reporter: about 700 guests attended a party for the spiritual leader who has counseled poor people and presidents alike. while age and illness have weakened his body, graham's spirit was strong. it was featured in his new film "my hope america" shown at the party and followers around the world by television. the evening was long on faith and hope, but as graham's son said, short on ceremony. betty's 95, so he doesn't plan to stay here a long time. >> the film is characterized as graham's final sermon, but the evangelical mission that bears his name continues the outreach around the world. teresa garcia, cbs news. >>> coming up after your local news on "cbs this
disappointing, sir. >> when does this translate into my veterans in north carolina count the moms and dads, the children counting on care of?ng taken when are we going to get our act together? i yield back. least, thet not gentlelady from new mexico. thank you, mr. chairman. thank you for recognizing that i am another year older. given the alternative, i am willing to take. i had a nice time last night. i know that being be -- being in the best of, circumstances, our job and yours, no matter how much resource you have or don't have, is to use that funding in the way that you can. i would agree that where you have the flexibility to move as of youryour -- as much administered of funds, including training and conferences into services and benefits were you are making a difference for veterans and families directly. i have 20 plus years in local and state governments and worked as a cabinet secretary. i was clear that my dollars needed to go to seniors and their families. that was an effective use of my time. i also recognize that when we act strictly and narrowly, we can do damage. your staf
over time. >> we will see. thanks so much kelly wright live for us in dc. >> the north carolina man arrested at raleigh durham international airport is linked to a terrorist group. he was being held without bond after an fbi sting on facebook. sheikh told an under cover informant he was on his way to join al qaeda fighters in syria. he was arrested at the airport as he was getting ready to board the flight to lebanon. sheikh a legal permanent u.s. resident from pakistan is charged with attempting to provide material support for a terrorist organization. if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison and 250,000 dollar fine. >>> john jr. god de the son of late john god de sr. was stabbed in a parking lot in long island. he is taking a page out of his father's book police say by not cooperating with the investigation. the former lob boss told police he was breaking up a fight between two men. the police are gatherering surveillance video from the scene. >>> the owner of the miami dolphins breaking his silence on the team's bullying issues. steven ross addressed the media saying h
too.ebsite that link there at ame, fritz -- my -- he's north carolina. he coded the stories on all of networks. i only reproduced abc because he story for nbc and cbs was the same for abc. and i was trying to come up with a figure that there weren't too lines to figure out what's going on there. snbc wasn't very interesting because they basically said they -- they argued with fox. effect of the reproducing fox's story. -- about 30% ird of americans watch fox. a waning 30%. because they are older, conservative. but they're very loyal to fox. whereas other people either tv as much or they bounce around. there are targets of that ampaign there in 2007 to persuade rank and file conservatives they should not be ympathetic to the idea of action on this. i think there's a lot more and rch that is being done can be done on all of this. but the thing to remember is hat the american media system is really changed. it's a big block like ia that's operating 19th century america media did. n media was america frankly partisan. the democrats, republicans, bag when there were whigs, were the wh
. >>> moving on to this. new this morning, a north carolina man has been charged with attempting to help an al qaeda affiliated group in syria. basit javed sheikh is alleged to have posted messages on facebook and communicated with an fbi informant about his interest in supporting jihad di militants in syria. he was arrested at an airport. he could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. >>> the son of a senator in oklahoma has been killed in a plane crash. the orthopedic surgeon was piloting the aircraft. most of the plane was destroyed by a fire after the crash. investigators have not been able to determine a cause of the crash. >>> air travelers in europe will be able to take liquids on board with them. london's heathrow airport is already installing these machines. you see it right there. what they do is send a signal through the liquid that can reflect, well, what it is. the european union will allow some liquids and gels in january. in the u.s. tsa officials are looking at options but do not expect to lift the liquids ban anytime soon. >>> it was a day of honor for millions of men and women
: arnold of morning from north carolina. we will be talking about some of those issues later in the show, but this morning we are asking who are the faces of veterans day for you? have the wars in iraq and afghanistan changed the face to you? faces, some veterans who are not around to celebrate veterans day from the recent conflict. "the washington post" ran the occasional feature "faces of the fallen." "the washington post" has posted galleries of the fallen since 2003 and the information about those fallen have been compiled by military releases and news service reports and local newspaper stories and so, a few of the faces of the fallen dating back in may. we want to know who the faces of veterans day are for you. the walkie, wisconsin, on the line for democrats. good morning. faces that i was involved in was the vietnam war. i served two tours in vietnam. .nd we lost 58,000 troops and it seems as though, especially on the republican that they are more interested in the older, older people than -- it seems like vietnam is kind of pushed up under the rug throughout all of these tv prog
on the weather since the storm began last week. and a reported tornado touched down along the north carolina coast. there are reports of damage, trees and power lines are down, and a roof of a condominium was blown off. a local hospital suffered some damage as well and is operating on a generator. eric fisher, chief meteorologist at our boston station, wbz, has the latest on the holiday storm. >> just 24 hours ago, finally the storm will be out of our hair. it's the same one that brought all that flooding rain to california last week. and now we're watching the northeast corridor. as we go through the morning, the heaviest rain new york city up through boston. along i-95, really difficult travel. not an easy drive whatsoever. to the west, still snow falling western new york, central and northern parts of pennsylvania in particular. slow to move out as we head through the afternoon. still heavy downpours through eastern massachusetts. boston logan will have difficulty with flights. just because of the wind plus the rain that will be coming down. as we head toward the evening, finally this sta
cancellations today because of snow, ice and wind. in north carolina a tornado blew the roof off this condominium, snapped trees and downed power lines. look at the map tonight, most of the trouble in the northeast, parts of the country bracing for more cold and wind on the way. our extreme weather team is tracking it all and we begin with abc's meteorologist ginger zee. good evening, ginger. >> reporter: good evening, george. who doesn't love a nice, cold rain to kick off the holiday. behind me you can see the balloons that will go up tomorrow that we will be talking about in a bit. first i want to show you the wreck that this storm left behind. sliding into the holiday from the carolinas to new england. trudging through nasty wind and driving rain. the timing of this storm, just cruel for the 39 million of us hitting the road this thanksgiving. the pre-holiday hustle clogged in tennessee, an oil tanker flipped. in boston, gusty winds near 40 miles per hour. in atlanta, snow. the first measurable november snow that they've had since 1975. along the east coast, we've had a solid
. people literally pushing and shoving their way to those bargains at this walmart store in north carolina. at another location the chaos ended in an arrest for one woman and for those who could not wait until today the shopping began shortly after the turkey was finished. . this is how this played out in a brandsmart in west palm beach, florida, while people clamored in electronics deals. cnn is tracking all of the black friday chaos, zain asher is at the macy's flagship store in new york city, kyung lah is at a walmart in los angeles, good morning. >> reporter: hi. hi, carol. i spoke to a macy's executive earlier today about the decision to open on thanksgiving, he said listen, last year we were open at midnight and we had 11,000 people outside, they already had bags from other retailers, so it's all about the competition with shoppers, it's all about getting the deals. take a listen. just hours into the holiday shopping season kicking off the hunt for bargains is a contact sport. >> hey, hey! >> reporter: many take advantage of some retailers opening doors on thanksgiving night, some fo
're live. r prayer today wild ur guest chaplain from midway baptist church in north carolina. the chaplain: almighty god, giver of eternal life, we thank you for this great republic. a nation conceived in religious liberty and the free exercise thereof. today as generations before us hand of our divine providence to guide the affairs of our nation and those who serve. guide our representatives, we pray, on a path consistent with the original intent of our constitution. grant them the strength of character to defend life, liberty and freedom. for future generations. lead them in the path of righteousness, which will exalt this nation. as public servants, keep them from the sin of arrogance and self-centered pride by reminding them they are accountable to the people and to you for their decisions. and i pray each representative of this house may know that they are greatly loved by you. as a follower of jesus christ, i pray this in him name, amen. the speaker: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house his approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1
, north carolina. fierce winds swept in before midnight, knocking out power, uprooting trees, and damaging buildings, including a hospital. >> with 43 million americans traveling for thanksgiving and 2.5 million of them flying, this storm packing a powerful punch. our coverage begins with gio benitez. >> reporter: for millions of americans, getting to grandma's house for thanksgiving means battling mother nature. >> it will be a hectic day on tap for us. >> heading home for the holidays could be more difficult. >> ugly weather conditions across metro atlanta. it will be a white thanksgiving. >> reporter: in portland, maine, high winds are causing traffic. in roanoke, virginia, the morning freeze turned in to afternoon downpours. >> sleet and freezing rain. >> reporter: up and down the east coast, the storm is causing a traffic nightmare. hundreds of accidents. just as tens of millions are expected to drive for thanksgiving. in birmingham, alabama, an 18-wheeler sliding off the road and ending up on its side. in pittsburgh, a car also slid off the road and was left dangling over a hillside.
. >> mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina. >> mr. speaker, pursuant to clause 1, rule 1, i demand a vote on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal, so many as are in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. journal stands approved. mr. holding: mr. speaker, i object to the vote on the grounds a quorum is not present and make a point of order a quorum is not present. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this question are postponed. the pledge of allegiance will be offered by the gentleman from california, mr. mcclintock. mr. mcclintock: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain up to five requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition?
of the ride that malfunctioned in raleigh, north carolina, was in court today. investigators say somebody tampered with the safety equipment on the vortex ride. five people got hurt. >>> a volcano in indonesia spewing ash high into the air. makes things difficult to breathe april. destroyed crops and forced more than a thousand people to evacuate. the volcano has erupted three times in the past three months. >> much more from the fox news deck coming right up. this is fox news channel. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune. two great ways to enjoy the amazing prune are plum amazins and sunsweet ones. plum amazins diced prunes are great as a snack or on just about anything. i like that! i'd put these on a salad. these would be perfect for cookies. ones individually wrapped prunes are simply irresistible. that is so juicy. it's packaged by itself. that's fantastic. delicious and nutritious my kids are going to love this. ones and plum amazins. only from sunsweet, the amazing prune. >>> 28 minutes before the hour. the crack-smoking mayor of toronto is
carolina, north carolina, georgia as well as florida right now as those thunderstorms push through highway 95, and 75 and 85 you need to be very careful because it is expected to effect that area. temperature wise, we are seeing very cold temperatures to the north. new york is at 38, washington 39. tomorrow those temperatures are going to be on the increase especially here for washington -- excuse me -- new york. expect a high of about 60 degrees there. down towards the south atlanta still not getting much warmer but we don't think we will be dealing with snow there. temperatures are going to be rising across this region. still going to be quite cold. parts of illinois, chicago, at 29. we think on the ground some of the worst highways are going to be in pennsylvania highway 80, 81, massive amounts of snow is going to be in the area. back to you. >> all right. kevin we will stay on top of it thank you. >>> at the hobby lobby, which has over 500 stores across the united states, you can get art supplies, and even christmas trees, but employees didn't get health insurance to cover birth contro
to work. they have tremendous mental capacity. >> a battle against north carolina. buying time, found aring jameson. duke has more than the basketball powerhouse. they are a football powerhouse. >> markey williams laying it out. north carolina would take a 25-24 lead, looking to pull off the upset. ross martin, from 27 yards out - it's the biggest three pointer in football history, it's a winner. advancing to their first ever a.c.c. campionship game where they face number two. >> before you are sissicly tough you have to be mentally tough. to be mentally tough you need great character. they believe in each other and themselves. it's a big deal. >> six years ago a lot thought you were nuts to take the job. now you have 10 win, and a.c.c. coastal division title. describe your emotions? >> i'm almost ready to cry. i'm proud of so many people. this is about a lot of people. that is what is beautiful. >> iowa dropped the korn huskers to eight and 4. nebraska head coach on the hot seat. he doesn't care if he's fired. >> they want to fire me, go ahead. i belief in what i have done. i don't a
influential people made a pilgrimage of sorts to north carolina to honor one of the most admired pillars of faith. >> as dan harris reports it was graham who gave them a birthday gift. >> no man come to the father but by me. >> reporter: the preacher seems slower these days but his final message to america still clear as a bell. >> our country's in great need of a spiritual awakening. there have been times as i have gone city to city and i've seen how far people have wandered from god. >> reporter: his final sermon shot over the past year in billy graham's mountain top home in north carolina. here he is in his favorite chair with his dog by his side. this son of dairy farmers, minister to every president since truman and brought the gospel directly in to america's living rooms, but in private he is a surprisingly hum able man. married to the same woman ruth for more than 60 years. she died in 2007 with. the grahams spoke with diane in 1992. . the grahams spoke with diane in 1992. >> his favorite meal is can of vienna sausages, cold tomatoes and a can of baked beans, all cold dumped on a
by a woman in north carolina. she says she contacted him after reading about his life- long search for the shank family on the internet. >>> jury selection began today in the trial of an air force officer who once led a sexual assault prevention program, but now accused of groping a woman in crystal city. lieutenant journal, jeffrey, pled not guilty. he was removed from his post following his arrest. shortly after the arrest, sexual assaults in the military are a growing epidemic. >> two fairfax county school employees are faces embezzlement and money laundering charges tonight. san one is a principal and the other employee is bethany speed at jeb stewart high. investigators say the two of them falsified time sheets to help steal as much as $100,000. >>> washington monument almost ready for you. today crews started removing the scaffolding surrounding the monument. of course it was put in place after an earthquake damaged the monument more than two years ago and expected to take three months. >> stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier for black friday. a lot of us try to st
struggled with his addiction. >> ann andrea and joe headed to north carolina where ryan is getting help. >> this unique program in durham, north carolina, is ryan's sixth time in treatment and so far, his most successful. he has been clean now for three months. the longest period he has been drug and alcohol-free since the age of 14. >> is there anything i could have said or done to stop you? >> no. >> the last time we saw ryan, hope was in painfully short supply. >> addiction is the devil. it's a disease from hell. i don't want to get high anymore. i just can't stop. >> what are you looking for? >> cigarettes. >> living on the streets, even spending some desperate nights sleeping in a hospital's maternity ward, ryan's life has become a cycle of failed attempts at rehab. >> are you scared at this point that you are going to die on the streets? >> no. i'm not scared. that would help me. put me out of my misery. >> one evening, just days after ryan had been beaten, he had a black eye and was quickly losing weight. we dialed the number for trosa and handed him the phone. >> i l
for the republican party's identity crisis. last word exclusive for a north carolina republican who is switching parties. and rand paul is in the rewrite for trying and failing to rewrite the definition of plagiarism. and later, amazing video that you can only see here, two planes in a midair collision that everyone on board both planes survived. you have never seen anything like this. jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that kind of relationship. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. >>> new york democratic senator chuck shum ehren dorsed hillary clinton for president on saturday night. he told an iowa democratic party audience that it's time for a woman to be president and so tonight here in iowa and i won't get this opportunity again, i am urg
anonymous complaints. san diego, phoenix, charlotte, north carolina, chicago and elpaso. cincinnati accepts the anonymous complaints this is only for the housing inspection, exterior buildings, public stairways or hallways, public elevators. and vacant buildings, and yards or vacant lots. trees, swimming pool enclosures. etc.-and then, they do not accept anonymous complaints from the interiors of dwelling units and basements and lack of the second egress and the illegal apartments which is something that has been in the news lately and overcrowding. so, you know, there are people that call housing inspection when they need help. but there are also people who call when they don't like their neighbors. many call anonymously and expect us to force the neighbors out of their homes. i mean, i have seen people screaming, crying, hurling racial epitets two-minute call or an e-mail can lead to an eviction or a wild goose chase and often there is little information to go on. so if you look at the second page, the procedure that dan and i both went over, and with rose mary and the housing inspector.
day festivities began in southern virginia as early as they can 66. blacks and the north carolina border commemorated april 9 because they saw it if they had never been beaten emancipation proclamation would have been to no avail. african-american soldiers pivotal role as agents of liberation would long remain a point of pride within black communities. george washington williams himself a veteran of the appomattox came came noted in his landmark history published in 1883 at appomattox in the last arab slaveholders rebellion the brilliant fighting of black troops have ensured the salvation of the union. the fact that african-american soldiers had defeated lee lent additional symbolic meaning to the surrender for me and his army of northern virginia typified the ice of the u.s. ct slaveholding elites and its racial superiority. thomas morris chester confederate capitulation was especially sweet cousins are reviewed to the first families of virginia who he do after the virginians. in short, men such as williams and chester made and sustained the bold claim that defeat u.s. army afric
a road. in north carolina, it was cold and the roads were slick sending cars spinning. >> i had this late over here and he came off and spun around. earlierwitched to an class trying to avoid the worst of the weather. >> it was like a six-hour drive. >> mike left his home a day early, finding the 95 wet and slick but moving as he may heads south. >> i may just go to d.c. onwe do expect conditions the roads to get worse before they get better. if you are driving, take it slow and leave early. if you are flying out, check the status of your flight. we are seeing excessive delays across the country. ahead and be patient. the weather will get worse in our region. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 is with you. we have you covered as your loved ones prepare to hit the road. just a few minutes, double break down where and when we can see snow tomorrow. down when andreak where we can see snow tomorrow. we will have the latest on "good morning washington" at 4:30 tomorrow morning. you can also download the storm watch weather app. >> one person is dead and two people are hurt after
. >>> and a thanksgiving surprise for broncos fans. coach john fox is back. owner pat bolland sent a plane to north carolina and picked him up yesterday. fox is expected to return monday, less than a month after having open heart surgery. his first game will be against the titans on december 8th, but it hasn't been decided if he'll be on the sidelines or in the booth. >>> and when we return, holiday controversy. a second chance for a pizza hut manager who refused to open on thanksgiving day. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. we catch the early risers hd into bay area stores. and from fights to shootings...police are alrey corralling rowdy black frid shoppers. plus, a neighborhood is terrorized on thanksgiving tragic
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